Animal Communication

I definitely feel closer to them after our sessions.  She also helped with one of the cats in care of Harmony House for Cats. Since we implemented her suggestions, he has seemed much more relaxed, which will make him ready for his forever home.


Mary V., Chicago ,Ill   

Marie-Christine truly connected with each of my five cats.  Over the course of three calls, she held a session for each kitty.  She was able to tell me things about each cat that no one else would know, from Myobi’s view of a food he couldn’t have due to his dietary restrictions, to insight into what was causing anxiety/sadness for Soriah.  I learned how my cats felt and saw things.  Long standing odd behaviors were explained and she was able to offer ways to correct them.  Atsushi had a life-long habit of being very vocal most of the time, and often throughout the night and early morning hours.  By learning this was due to him not feeling recognized as the top cat, we were able to reassure him that yes, indeed, he was the boss.  The first night showed a remarkable change, he is more quiet and clearly happier.  I am still amazed something so simple brought about such a positive change.  


Two of the three girls, one of which was recently rescued from being a stray, were having a hard time accepting each other.  Marie-Christine was able to explain why this was happening, and through subsequent Tapping Sessions, we worked on helping to address the issues.  Jonez has regained her self-confidence, and is beginning to play with and accept the newcomer as a housemate and potential friend. 
Cats have been a part of my life for over 35 years, and through Marie-Christine I learned valuable new things and simple ways to make my cats’ lives better.  By understanding how they think and communicate, I am able to help them be happier and to form an even deeper bond.  It has also encouraged me to change how I think, to keep the negative thoughts at the door and not bring them into the home, which has helped to bring a positive change to myself as well.
I highly recommend Marie-Christine and feel she truly understands the pet she is working with, and has very good advice in helping to discover underlying concerns, and ways to make their lives better.   Even if you pet is overall happy and well rounded, she is able to provide an interesting and informative insight into how they feel.
Renee E., Pottsville, PA

Our pony had been a bit out of sorts and a bit grumpy, and we couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t performing in her usual way. Marie-Christine was able to identify that Princess’ leg was tender. We then had the chiropractor/acupuncturist come and she found that there was tightness in her shoulder, just where Marie-Christine had indicated. We had a second session, where Princess communicated that there was something off about her food or feeding schedule. I later found that she had not been receiving her daily supplements.

The communication sessions with Marie-Christine were not only helpful for us to find out what issues Princess had that were not visible to us, but allowed us to understand our much adored pony on a deeper level. My daughter loved hearing that her pony had the same affection for her that she had for Princess.

I told some of my other “pony moms” about the communication sessions with Marie-Christine and I know that they also learned valuable information about their beloved animals. I would highly recommend a reading with Marie-Christine not only for fun, but to really gain insight your animal’s world and well-being.

Heidi McA., Piedmont, CA

 Meredith seemed to no longer trust other cats, and Callie was so frightened of her agressiveness.   Amazingly, Marie-Christine was able to communicate with both of them remotely from pictures (we live in Michigan).  At first she talked with Meredith and tried to reassure her that she did not need to be afraid of Callie.  But she also spoke with Callie and encouraged her to stand up for herself.  The day after she first spoke with Callie, Callie stood her ground and hissed at Meredith, who was so surprised that she stopped and retreated.  Slowly but surely they were able to be in the same room and now things are so much better.  Marie Christine is so gentle and loving and she clearly has very special skills to communicate with animals. We can’t thank her enough and recommend her very highly to help improve a cat to cat situation.

        Katrina C., Battle Creek, MI

Upon Marie-Christine’s communication with her, she was able to determine that Serendipity ‘loved’ us, did not like her daily treatments (she clearly did not like them but was very tolerant of us), was very tired, was ready to ‘go’, and only wanted to snuggle with me. During her last night with us she did some unusual things for her.  Before the session Serendipity would stay on the second floor and not venture to the first.  However following the communication session, she came down to the first floor and even remained there. That evening she came up to me and pawed at my feet for attention, which is something she had never done before. I pulled her up against me where she snuggled up and remained there throughout the night. The next morning she peacefully passed away pressed up against me. Marie-Christine’s communicating with Serendipity helped to ease my anxiety, as well as Serendipity’s. She was spot on about Serendipity and has a wonderful gift with animals. I would not hesitate to ask her to communicate with any of my other cats or recommend her to others. 

Steve S., Verona, NJ

We were recovering a very feral cat in someone’s house.  Unbeknownst to the owner there was a hole in the wall of the recovery room and when the cat escaped from the trap it got in the hole and for a time we had no idea where the cat even was.  We searched everywhere and didn’t even know if the cat was still alive.  We set traps, we put food out, we removed boards from the ceiling and walls, and when hope was almost lost we begged Marie-Christine to try and communicate with this cat.  All she had was a picture of the cat and she knew nothing about the location or anything else about the cat.

She channeled her energy and tuned into this cat and was able to tell me that she could see the cat in an area of this house where there was a “brown, dirt floor and a cinderblock wall”.  That helped me identify that the cat was near the crawl space that had these characteristics.  So we removed the plasterboard wall on the outside of the crawl space and set a trap at the base of the opening. 

Marie-Christine advised us to get him greasy, street cat food to bait the trap with.  So we followed this advice and within 8 hours that cat was IN THE TRAP, SAFE AND SOUND!  Now he’s the most loving cat and is so grateful to his rescuers.  He’s up for adoption!

Without her insight and communication gifts, the cat would most likely have died inside the wall.

I can never thank her enough.

                                          Amber A., Fairlawn, NJ

Energy Bodywork

After one session and his failed attempts to jump up, he was able to spring up with no effort !   Whenever Marie Christine comes to visit he greets her with great enthusiasm, then he turns his back to her and basically says “do me!

       Anita C, Monctlair, NJ

She is very intuitive and able to read where the pet requires the most energy work – quite a special gift. Her energy work has helped in pain management, accelerate healing of trauma and provide calming, soothing relief to many lives.                Kelley P., Montclair, NJ

Couple of weeks ago I thought that she wanted to leave me, but I’m very sick on my own and wanted to wait for my daughter (who was not in Germany at this time) to go to the vet. So I had to wait until she would be back. Quite desesperated I told Marie-Christine about my tough and difficult situation. She asked if I would be fine if she would try to help Tabitha to feel a bit better until my daughter would be back. I send her pictures of my fury baby and she started to work on her mighty energy sessions. I’ve never thought that this will work. No other contacts as via messenger and with sending actual pictures of Tabitha. But after two days already Tabitha felt better. her mood was better and she started to walk around and check her garden and her environment again.

Marie-Christine is working since about four weeks with Tabitha and I do have a different cat. Of course she will go to the bridge this year, but she has no pain so far and she feels much better according to circumstances. the next step we will try is to Skype with her to work on Tabitha personal and directly and I can’t wait what will happen than. I’m just grateful for what she has done already and I know right now that her energy can overcome borders and long distances.

Christa-Maria Prasch, Duisburg, Germany.