Animal Communication

Intensive workshop April 2018 211

To communicate with animals, I use telephathy which is the transference  of pictures, words and feelings. Everybody is born with that skill but the way we live does not nurture it. So we lose touch with it. I have been working for many years as an energy practitioner which allowed me to reconnect with my intuition and enhanced my capacity to receive images, words and feelings. As I was studying animal communication, I worked even more to strengthen and use those skills to be able to tune into animals and get information about how they feel. The deepening of my relations with my own animals showed me the power of the work.

About animal communication sessions

Sessions are available on the phone, Facetime, Zoom or in person and can be conducted in English or French. 

Scheduling is as easy as picking a date on the calendar and sending a picture of your animal (s). 

At the time of the appointment, I will get additional information, communicate with your animal (s) and report what she/he has told me. Usually at the beginning of the session, I receive information about their essence, likes and dislikes and anything that they want to share with me. Afterwards, I can ask them any questions you have.

Every session is different but in general you can expect to :

  • Better understand their personality, the way they perceive you and their favorite or least favorite things.
  • Learn of emotional or physical issues that they may have, and how best to support them.
  • Strengthen your bond with your animals; they are grateful to be heard.
  • Comprehend how they feel as they are close to the end of their life. 


 As of February 15, 2022 I am temporarily stopping  Lost Animals communications

Lost Animals:

Having your loved animal missing is probably one of the most stressful events that can happen to somebody. During the session I will connect with your animal and will relay to you the information that she (he) will give me. I always start by finding out the animal essence and as it helps to get an idea about what her (his) behavior can be under stress. I relay the information the way I receive it.  I usually ask the animal how she (he) feels and what she (he) can see, hear, smell  from where they are. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee a positive outcome but I will give you as much information as I can from communicating with your animal.


Remote sessions ( Phone, Facetime, Zoom)

30 minutes: $ 85.00

60 minutes: $145.00

Package of 3 Energy Healing follow -up sessions: $150


Home visits (close vicinity of Montclair, NJ)

A travel surcharge applies depending of location

Lost Animals

Initial Session (30 to 45 minutes): $ 105.00

Follow-up session: $40.00

Follow-up sessions(Package of 3): $100.00

Animal Communication does not replace veterinary care. If you have concerns regarding your animal (s) please consult with your veterinarian. I do not diagnose conditions or treat injuries or illnesses.  

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